Have a read of what some of my lovely and very valued clients have to say about me.

2 Years & Counting

I have been dating Emily for the best part of 2 years, and let me tell you, it never gets boring or dull. The lady is a true Courtesan: interesting, charming, friendly, fun and she always dresses so stylishly and beautifully. Her lingerie collection is something else. No doubt the time will come when Emily will retire, but until then, I will be having my cake and eating it. Very moreish that cake is too!

Mr J
Oct 2023

What A Woman!

Dear Emily, after our recent overnight date I felt compelled to write and tell you what a wonderful time I had in your company. Counting the days and weeks until I am next in London so we can get together again. Thank you for accommodating my short notice request - your flexibility is appreciated X

Mr C
June 2023

Bristol with a Bang

My trip to Bristol certainly left a smile on my face and a spring in my step...and that was definitely thanks to Emily Cole and her unmatched collection of lingerie, not to mention her enthusiasm! Thank you Emily & Happy Christmas.

Mr P
Dec 2022

A First Kiss Like No Other

I’ve known Emily for about a year now, I met with her initially to build my self-confidence and stop me from feeling so lonely. Emily is the first person I ever went on a date with, my first kiss and my first in... other things! I was very apprehensive the first time I met her, but I needn’t have worried - she is a kind, empathetic individual with a degree of emotional intelligence far beyond what I could’ve anticipated. She’s also incredibly funny and articulate. Think of all the stereotypes you’ve heard about sex workers, then dismiss them. Here, they do not apply. Yes, Emily is absolutely stunning (and great fun in many ways), but to view her only as that is to miss out on so much. There’s a reason I have spent so much time with her and hopefully will continue to do so. I have an issue with writing concisely and there is so much depth to Emily that a paragraph doesn’t seem enough - but she’s a wonderful person to spend time with and, providing you treat her with respect and kindness, you will enjoy your time with her as much as I do.

Mr B
July 2020