A Raunchy Role Play Escort
A Raunchy Role Play
February 17, 2021
A Raunchy Role Play Escort
A Raunchy Role Play
February 17, 2021
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An Evening Of Opulence In Cheltenham

A fast woman next to a fast car!

I was so looking forward to my date with a gent, who’d got in touch from my website. He sounded very well spoken, and sent a photo alongside his ID which showed him to be very good looking! According to his driver’s licence he was nearly 47, but he barely looked 36, and really athletically built. 

He told me to meet at the bar of the hotel he’d booked and was waiting with a sparkling lime and soda after learning I don’t drink. He stood up to greet me in a beautiful pale blue shirt and dark jeans, and smelt great as we briefly embraced; a little awkwardly as we weren’t sure what the Covid Protocol was anymore – who is?? 

We chatted a while, sipping our drinks; mainly about the beautiful architecture in cities like Bath, Cheltenham & Leamington Spa, before heading off to the bedroom, whilst l hung back slightly, enjoying the sight of his physique and lean hips as he walked slightly ahead of me in the corridor. 

Once in the room I pulled his mask down to plant a kiss on his lips, telling him he looked like a sexy Doctor, which made him smile. I had dressed discreetly in a suit, so l left him to get more comfortable on the bed, whilst l went into the bathroom to change into my lingerie & put heels on for the full seductress effect… 

I emerged from the bathroom wearing a pretty see through set in shimmering green & aubergine with sheer black stockings, and his face lit up as l walked towards the bed in my heels. He’d stripped to short navy trunks and had an amazingly firm athletic body, with a smooth tanned torso. He almost looked like a model reclining there, & l inwardly thanked my lucky stars for landing such a gent ! 

As l made to sit close beside him on the bed, he took me in his arms and pulled me so l practically fell onto him – not that l’m complaining! We shared a long kiss & he tasted all lovely and fresh as if he’d just brushed his teeth. He jokingly suggested helping me out of my bra as it looked “far too tight” and l was smiling as he pushed my straps down and unfastened the back to reveal my boobs, which he started kissing and fondling sensuously. 

I could feel myself getting all turned on and started tugging at his trunks which were bulging with his erection. l helped him out of his underwear to reveal a lovely sizeable cock with a slight curve, l couldn’t wait to take into my mouth. I leaned over him and held his gaze as I teased his cock with my tongue. He continued to stroke and caress my nipples in a way that was driving me insane with lust! 

“Can l put a condom on you yet?” l gasped after a few minutes, literally aching to feel him inside me. He smiled and told me he only hoped he could last the course. 

I firmly applied the condom and climbed eagerly astride him, grabbing his hands to put them back onto my boobs to continue fondling them, as it felt so good, l didn’t want it to stop! As l began riding his cock, l could see us both in the mirror and it turned me on to watch. I tossed my long hair over my shoulders and began to perform for him, squeezing my full boobs and leaning down to kiss him with my silky curtain of hair swishing over his face. l pressed my knees either side of his slim hips and rode him harder, feeling myself getting wetter & enjoying the look on his face as his excitement grew.

I could feel him pulsing and throbbing inside me, so l wasn’t surprised when he suddenly pushed me off and stood up, dragging & pushing me face down over the bed, as he thrust into me from behind, deep and hard. l thought happily as my cheek pressed into the sheets. 

With my face turned sideways l could see us in the full length mirror and it made quite a sight, his athletic torso over me, with my stocking clad legs in black stilettos. My bum was in the air and my glossy dark hair spread down my back as l watched the muscles in his legs rippling as he fucked me vigorously. It wasn’t long before he came hard and collapsed over my back, gently moving my hair out the way to kiss my neck & making me shiver inside with pleasure. 

He suggested we take a shower together & I usually hate getting my hair wet or being cramped in the shower, but l agreed & twisted my hair into a loose bun before we slipped into the warm jets of water grinning at each other. He soaped and rinsed me firmly, squeezing my boobs and bum to the point l was all aroused again but he said there was no chance of a repeat performance sadly! 

After a lengthy steamy shower together we got dried & dressed, and replacing our masks we made our way to the carpark as he walked me to my car holding hands. 

As l got into my car he suddenly produced a small pouch from his pocket that turned out to be a beautiful handbag sized bottle of my favourite perfume – l was thrilled at the surprise. He said he’d forgotten to give it me sooner when I’d gone to get changed. I sprayed some on eagerly & drove away in a cloud of sweet fragrance grinning from ear to ear. 

If only all my dates were so lush!

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