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A Raunchy Role Play

Something reminded me of a fab date I had in London a while back, and l thought l should tell you all about it. For anyone who’s into Role Playing it might just tickle your fancy…

So l had an enquiry from a gent who sounded very well spoken on the phone, and he asked if I’d be up for a bit of fantasy role playing. Once I’d heard more detail it actually sounded quite good. Nothing creepy or weird. He simply asked if l could arrive at the date all power dressed in a smart office outfit and pretend to apply for a job as his personal secretary. I’ve got lots of tight skirts and tailored jackets with nice blouses, so l said I’d love to have a go, and even felt a few butterflies in my stomach as l teetered up to his Suite in patent black heels and a skin tight pencil skirt on the day. I wore a cream silk blouse underneath a figure hugging jacket, and put my hair up, which is very unusual for me. 

It was a 3pm meeting which made it feel even more like a real interview and l even felt a bit nervous as l knocked on the hotel door and it was opened almost immediately. 

I was faced by a tall man of about 50 in trendy glasses, wearing a charcoal suit and bright yellow silk tie who invited me in and showed me to a seat by a desk. 

We were in a gorgeous big suite, and l tried not to gawp at the incredible views of the city, visible through the floor to ceiling windows on one side. 

He handed me an envelope containing my fee, telling me to check ‘details’ which was all part of the role play we’d discussed  before. I discreetly checked that everything was there, before putting it away and facing him properly across the desk. 

‘So Ms ‘ he finally said to me standing up and walking round the desk to tower over me, ‘The role as my personal secretary involves attending to my every need and whim, no matter how personal; is that clear?’ 

‘Yes Mr ,’ I said demurely. 

‘As such,’ he continued, ‘you will be expected to deliver top quality short hand, stay ABREAST of all your work and take Dictation, do you understand, what l mean by ‘dick – tation’? he added, standing so that his groin was directly eye level with my face. I nodded, trying not to giggle at the play on words. 

l noticed his trousers were already bulging as he suddenly hauled me to my feet and started to fondle my boobs through my blouse. I helped him undo the buttons and he freed them from my lacy black bra and gasped as he felt their full firm softness and weight in his hands. My heart rate increased as he gently squeezed my nipples. Pushing me backwards against the desk, he suddenly lowered his mouth to start licking and sucking each nipple in turn which drove me insane with an intense arousal building inside me. The whole situation suddenly started to turn me on! Without a word he lifted me up bodily and sat me on the desk so that my tight skirt rode all the way up my legs revealing my thighs in black stocking tops. I tried to keep them pinned together, but he positioned himself between them, and pushing me backwards over the desk, he yanked my skirt up over my thighs to reveal my hips and tiny black lace G string. 

‘I’m a very cunning linguist’ he murmured as he buried his head between my legs to inhale my scent before pulling my thong to one side and nuzzling me deeply with his tongue. I was shocked at how quickly everything was happening and wasn’t sure if l should protest or try to ask questions as in a proper interview. I was sure he’d said there’d be some questions.

‘Er.. l – Mr , did you not need to ask me some questions?’ l gasped, as l felt his hot tongue creating delicious sensations in my loins. He stopped and pulled me halfway up, his lips glistening and kissed me hard for a few seconds, before lifting me off the desk and onto my feet, where l almost tipped over as my knees were trembling from nearly cumming, seconds earlier. 

‘Time for your Dictation Ms’ he said, undoing his flies for his rigid cock to spring forth, as l dropped to my knees and held it firmly to guide it between my lips. 

I sucked him slowly and deliberately, gazing up into his eyes, until he squeezed them closed, to shut out the view, lest he cum too fast. ‘Oh my God, stop!’ he suddenly said, and withdrew. ‘Now would you bend over the desk?’

I stood up slowly and provocatively, turned my back. Then, wriggling my skirt up even higher to reveal my perfect bum, l bent over the desk and held onto the edges in preparation….

I can only imagine what the sight of my perky little bum with my wet pussy and stockings must have done to him, but as he gripped my hips and slid his rock hard cock inside me, it didn’t take long at all for him to reach a juddering climax, he pulled on my bun which came undone, so my silky hair tumbled loose down my back. Once he’d done, he fell on top of me and we both lay there breathing hard for a minute. 

He finally rose and pulled me back up to my feet, where he turned me to face him, and embraced me warmly. I noticed how nice his cologne was and inhaled it on his neck.

‘Cumming that fast was NOT part of my plan!’ he chuckled, ‘but I’m not sorry. I think it’s safe to say, you’ve got the job, Ms Cole!’ 

We had a quick shower to freshen up, and he took me to the bar for early drinks & bought one of the signature mocktails, which caused quite a stir when the waiter carried it to our table. It seemed to float on a bed of liquid nitrogen that gave it an out of this world look. It was an amazing date l’ll never forget, and l still smile to myself any time anyone mentions secretaries or dictation.

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