Emily's Favourite Haunts in London
Emily’s Favourite Haunts in London
May 4, 2020
Emily's Favourite Haunts in London
Emily’s Favourite Haunts in London
May 4, 2020
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A Bisexual Experience Like No Other

Two gorgeous bi-sexual escorts in London

It was late and I really wanted to get home. The music in the bar my friend and l were in was so loud I could feel it throbbing through my temples . ‘Come on Chelle!’ I said, prising her out of the groping hands of a lairy bearded admirer. We stumbled outside into the London fresh air and hailed a cab.

Not long later I was opening the door to my townhouse and we staggered indoors. ‘Have you got any wine?’ Michelle asked as she swayed towards my kitchen . We’ve been friends for so long that I was surprised she was actually asking! She normally just helped herself to anything in my fridge .

I headed for the stairs and paused on the bottom step watching the head of my friend dip to peer inside my fridge. She bent over, displaying shapely long tanned limbs as her impossibly short dress rode up high over her thighs . Was she even wearing any knickers at all? It wouldn’t be the first time she’d gone out without wearing any, and she didn’t even care if anyone saw.

That was Michelle for you: a stunning 5 foot 9 laughing teasing blonde bombshell who turned heads wherever she went. But in fairness the two of us always turned heads. Perfectly juxtaposed; her with her long blonde hair and gorgeous athletic lithe figure, and me with my petite curvaceous figure and long thick dark hair. She has blue eyes and honey freckled skin, whilst my sultry dark eyes and creamy olive skin always made people ask if l hail from the Mediterranean.

The number of men who had fantasised about having a threesome with us didn’t bear thinking about. I’ve always been very tactile and when men watched us together they assumed all our hugs and hand-holding meant we probably slept together. Well we had; but not sexually. We had shared a bed many a time after nights out and tonight was no different.

I brushed my teeth, removed my make-up and suddenly decided to shower quickly just to get rid of the smell of cigarette smoke and the bar. I was just luxuriating under the warm cascading hot water, when the bathroom door flew open and in barged Michelle, brandishing a bottle of white wine. ‘Oh a shower is a fucking great idea!’ she slurred, lurching perilously towards me.

Before I could stop her she had flung open the shower door and was peeling off her tiny stretchy dress, revealing perfect pink tipped breasts and a flat toned tummy. It was immediately clear that she hadn’t worn any underwear that night and her perfectly shaven pussy was exposed as she squirmed out of her silver heels, raising first one leg and then the other to undo the straps.

To my horror she paused only to re-grab the bottle of wine before manoeuvring her willowy body into the small shower enclosure. ‘Mi-CHELLE!!’ I squealed, backing into the wall of the enclosure and feeling the tap fittings against my wet back. The pressure knocked the shower knob so the flow was vastly reduced, leaving a weak warm trickle.

She smiled languidly and took a long drink from the wine bottle. ‘Chill out Em!’ she slurred happily . ‘Don’t get your knickers all in a knot! Oh, you’re not wearing any are you?’ she laughed, her eyes roving all over my naked wet body.

Michelle took another swig of wine and then playfully splashed a large slug of it all over my breasts which I had half covered with one hand. ‘What are you hiding your boobs from me for?’ she teased ‘you know I’ve seen it all before.’

Before I could reply she snatched my hand away and lowered her head to start sucking and licking the wine off my nipples. I felt my body recoil and tingle in both horror and pleasure simultaneously. Dear God! There was everything wrong with this picture and yet the sensations she was causing seemed to stop me from protesting and pushing her off. ‘Michelle’ I said weakly ‘you’re drunk! – I really think you should stop….’

She paused and suddenly locked eyes with me. I stared up at her like a deer caught in the headlamps. There was a pivotal moment when I could either push her off me and end this right now or just go with the flow. As I dithered, she lowered her face and her lips touched mine. I inhaled her perfume, mingled with her hot breath and my insides clenched with a sudden desire as her firm breasts pressed against mine. The tip of her tongue suddenly pushed between my lips and invaded my mouth. She tasted of wine and her lips were so soft and inviting, l was intoxicated in spite of myself.

With an inward sigh; my whole body let go of its defensive rigidity and slumped towards her. l kissed her back, deeply, as my body betrayed me and ignored my protesting mind. I sensed her smiling as she won me over. She sucked the tip of my tongue, and my lower lip, as she suddenly broke off the kiss. l was flushed with shame, not knowing what to say! But she didn’t even look at me as she slowly got to her knees before me with the wine bottle still in hand, her face level with my groin, as she started to prise my thighs apart.

‘No wait!’ l stammered in panic mode. ‘Chelle, you need to put that bottle down; don’t you dare try and stick it anywhere – that’s dangerous: I’m begging you!!’ Laughing blue eyes briefly looked up and held mine for a second. Then she calmly tipped the remaining contents of the bottle all over my pussy, so l could feel its icy trickles sensuously working between my labia. Before l could even process this, l felt her push her slender fingers between my legs to spread my privates apart, and then her hot mouth started sucking the wine off my pussy. l felt my knees turn to jelly and started sinking downwards as electric bolts of pleasure darted through my nether regions whilst her tongue touched and caressed my clit.

Before l knew where l was, I had slid all the way down and was sitting with my knees apart whilst my drunken blonde friend continued to pleasure me mercilessly with her fingers and tongue. All the while, hot water continued to trickle down from the shower head, dribbling sensuously over my nipples and running down my torso. I could hear myself panting, so close to climaxing, and unable to stop. l leaned my head back and closed my eyes in acceptance.

Just as the first waves of a climax were about to break, Michelle suddenly leaned back on her heels and pulled on both my hands which had absentmindedly begun to stroke my own nipples. ‘C’mon Em” she said matter-of-factly. ‘I’m taking you to bed’.

l lay on my back still naked and wet with my thick dark hair spread out over the pillow, legs prissily together. But Michelle climbed on all fours astride me and inserted her knee between mine, just like a man would, pushing them apart roughly.

She grabbed my wrists and pinned them above my head as she gazed at me. We stared at each other for a heart stopping moment, before she lowered her face into my hair and inhaled deeply. Then her soft lips were pressed hard against mine and she kissed me deeply and sensuously, releasing my other hand to start squeezing and gently pulling and caressing my nipples. My insides tugged with longing, and l reached up to hold her face in my hands as l kissed her back urgently, my body arching towards her. We rolled over locked together as one, and then back again.

l was so turned on l didn’t even notice my thighs opening to receive her attentions; l tingled with anticipation as her hot breath caressed my groin and her lips finally fastened on my pussy, where she started working her tongue along its length and swirling over my clit in circular movements, as l gasped and squirmed beneath her. God she was amazing! If only she’d given lessons to my ex on this we might’ve stayed together! Like most women, I’d always harboured secret pseudo-sexual lesbian fantasies, but never actually acted on them before.

l closed my eyes and fell back into the pillows; surrendering completely to my friend – this was all so unexpected and felt so…. taboo somehow. The fact that we shouldn’t be doing it made it all the more deliciously arousing though. l suddenly realised l was about to come, and gripped Michelle’s hair in my hands, grinding her face into my groin and squeezing my thighs over her ears – l couldn’t help it. l heard myself groan and stifled a squeal as l came hard, breathing forcefully through gritted teeth and then more gently as my pounding heart beat subsided. Michelle raised her head grinning triumphantly; her entire lower face shimmering wet from my pussy juices.

‘Chelle, let me make you come now’ l said stretching my right hand out to the little top drawer at the side on my bed. l fumbled around and pulled out a purple Rabbit dildo and waved it.

Her blue eyes lit up as she eagerly rolled off me and lay on her back with her beautiful long legs spread. Bending her knees she suddenly drew her heels towards her buttocks so that her knees were wide apart brazenly displaying herself. ‘You’re such a porn star ‘Chelle!’ l teased, inwardly stirred at the sight of her smooth shaven pussy glistening wetly in the lamp light. Her labia were so symmetrical and pretty, it was like a rare orchid, moist with morning dew.

I had always secretly fancied pretty women , but never actually tasted pussy before; did l dare now? l lowered my face to breathe in her scent and tentatively ran my tongue over her inner lips and clit and started sucking very gently, exactly as she had done to me earlier. At feeling her body tense and hearing her gasps of arousal, l continued in renewed earnest, increasing the pressure with my tongue, till she was squirming in pleasure and pulling my hair. I felt a rush of power and excitement and ceased my actions to grab the rabbit dildo. Kneeling over her l took her chiselled jaw in my left hand with the dildo in the other. ‘Open your mouth’ l ordered, to her surprise, and as her lips parted I forced the dildo tip into her mouth and started to face-fuck her slowly with the rabbit dildo.

l withdrew the dildo slightly until just the tip was in her mouth, and she swirled and worked her tongue over it eagerly, trying to take it back in deeper. Instead l withdrew it completely and pushed it deep into her pussy, coated and dripping with her saliva. I switched it on and watched in satisfaction as the dildo worked its magic with the ears of the rabbit vibrating either side of her clitoris. It never took longer than about 2 minutes to make me come and it had the same effect with Michelle. l twisted and thrust it a little harder for effect and within seconds her body was thrashing and her legs straightened full out in spasm as she climaxed hard, with her lips parted in a deep groan; her eyes shut tight.

‘Oh God….’ she finally gasped, as her eyes fluttered open. ‘That was amazing..!’ She pulled me down for a lingering kiss before closing her eyes with a shuddering sigh. She pulled the duvet up to cover her torso and her head flopped to one side on the pillow. Boom! Just like that she had fallen fast asleep. l thought only men did that, I mused, as l washed and tidied things away before finally climbing into bed.

l smiled at the outline of her sleeping form where she’d rolled all the way to one side, one slender foot dangling outside of the duvet. As enjoyable as the night had been, l still fretted that having sex with my best friend had been a big mistake we could never undo. Our friendship was worth much more than a one night stand, and l prayed it wouldn’t change anything between us as l finally dozed off.

The next morning l felt movement beside me and opened my eyes to see Michelle gazing at me blearily as she lay on her side facing me. ‘Em, i’ve got such a headache!” she moaned unable to fully open her eyes.

‘You’re probably just really hungover!’ l laughed. She looked confused. ‘Are you sure? I thought l only had about 5 or 6 shots… the last thing l remember is you pulling me away from that fit guy with the beard – did l get his number? He was so hot! Was l singing in the cab on the way home? l just can’t remember ANYthing after we left the bar!’

‘Let me get some tablets for your headache and I’ll bring you a nice cup of tea. You just stay there and rest for now.’ I bustled out of the bedroom grinning from ear to ear. Thank God she remembered nothing of our torrid night of passion! Our 7 year friendship was intact and l would always have the secret hot memories. Result.

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