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Beautiful Bristol

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I can’t tell you exactly what it is that I love so much about Bristol, but l just do. It’s such a quirky and inviting place, packed with such a hotchpotch of old and new in its architecture and vibes. I find it both up and coming with trendy contemporary spots, mixed in with authentic old buildings, full of fascinating history.

Bristol’s naturally shaped harbour with many little coves that made it perfect for its Piracy-riddled past, certainly gives a dash of romance and danger to its image, whilst the West Country accent just sounds all warm and homely to strangers. Especially when addressed as “Muy loverr” by locals… 🤗

As I drive along the M32 towards Bristol and catch sight of the striking yellow Dower House on the right, l always get a little buzz, similar to meeting up with old friends. Bristol is a city that makes you feel you’re being welcomed to a second home somehow.

Fifty years ago, the first modern hot air balloon in Britain, the Bristol Belle flew for the first time and had its maiden flight on 9 July 1967. The very same balloon was inflated on College Green in Bristol to commemorate the occasion in Summer of 2015.

Every August, there’s a balloon festival that’s amazing to watch from a distance, as loads of brightly coloured hot air balloons take to the air, filling the skies with their lovely shapes and cute designs.

My favourite part of Bristol to hang out or socialise is definitely on the harbour side, which is packed with loads of fabulous restaurants and bars, along with really trendy and quirky boutique shops, where you can buy beautiful clothing or bags and shoes etc in styles you’d never find anywhere else.

I really enjoy eating in San Carlo which has a great atmosphere, and I love to take walks and eat fish and chips in the gorgeous Clifton area near the Downs. The houses there are so beautiful, l often dream of owning one some day….

Looking at the suspension bridge is always a treat and makes you marvel at the difference that Progress and Technology make in a such a quaint and historical city like Bristol.

Emily x

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