Trio of Temptation

High class escort in London Birmingham Bristol and Cheltenham
Dream London Duo Date
September 12, 2020
Being an independent Bristol escort
Beautiful Bristol
December 23, 2020
High class escort in London Birmingham Bristol and Cheltenham
Dream London Duo Date
September 12, 2020
Being an independent Bristol escort
Beautiful Bristol
December 23, 2020
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Trio of Temptation

Trio of Temptation - escort for married couples

One of the best dates l ever had was with a lovely married couple who were looking to spice up their love life. I got an email explaining that their sex life had dwindled to almost nothing since their kids had left home and sexually things felt routine, so they’d decided to turn to an escort for inspiration.

I was secretly chuffed to be chosen out of all the beauties they’d seen online, and they weren’t too far away, so l dressed up and felt excited on the night.

I pulled up outside a beautiful detached house in an opulent village only 7 miles from my home and rang the doorbell. I had an idea of what they looked like because they’d sent ID.

The door was opened by a tall gent with a beard, and a curvy lady with auburn hair standing just behind him. They both looked nervous and excited, as they drew me in and offered me some wine. I explained that I don’t drink and asked if l could just have a cup of tea instead.

This instantly put them at ease and they both laughed, whilst Helen the lady, went to make me a brew, saying she’d join me herself.

Her husband Brian showed me to a seat in their plush front room and poured himself a small whiskey for ‘Dutch Courage’ saying he hoped l didn’t mind. ‘Not at all’ l said leaning back on a gorgeous sage velvet sofa. He gave me an envelope containing my fee which l counted quickly and put away just in time for Helen to appear with a tray of tea. She sat next to me on the sofa and poured me a cuppa whilst Brian sat opposite us, and we all chatted companionly for a while.

‘You know, you really are quite lovely….’ Helen said to me, tucking a strand of hair gently off my face whilst leaning closer to me so l could smell her perfume and gaze into her eyes which l noticed were hazel with golden centres. ‘Isn’t she gorgeous Brian?’ she said to her husband who chuckled about it being a trick question.

‘You’re not so bad yourself!’ I said playfully leaning over to kiss on her lips.

That was it! Needing no further encouragement, Helen pulled me into an embrace that was so heady and intense, l fell backwards against the cushions as her buxom figure pressed against me. And there was me thinking I’d be seducing a pair of shy newbies..! Instead the firecracker wife was all over me, and l quite liked it….!

My mini dress had ridden up to display my lacy stocking tops and Helens fingers were caressing my thighs and tugging the dress even higher, as I fumbled to unzip her fitted aubergine dress to ease it off her shoulders and down to her waist. We broke apart for a second to survey each other breathlessly.

She had a curvy size 14-16 figure encased in expensive looking black underwear, with massive lush boobs barely contained in a fancy lace bra. Her skin was pearly contrasted with the black. I squirmed free of my little black dress to expose a see through lacy floral number from Agent Provocateur in autumnal greens and purples, and both she and Brian gasped as l knelt on the sofa, still in heels and stockings. I cupped and squeezed Helen’s full boobs, whilst she grabbed and fondled my bum, before her fingers cheekily found their way inside my thong and started stroking my wet pussy.

‘Can l join in?’ said Brian as he leant towards his wife for a smooch. To my amazement Helen removed her wet finger from my crotch and pushed it between Brian’s lips where he sucked it eagerly. ‘Can l…?’ He asked both Helen and l looking intently at my tiny thong.

Signalling my consent, l removed it and lay back against the cushions whilst Helen held my legs apart and Brian knelt down to start licking – this was not what I’d expected at ALL! But l was so turned on watching the two of them… As Brian licked, Helen was stroking her thumb in small circles over my clit – l felt myself climaxing within minutes and groaned to a noisy finish.

Helen said to Brian ‘do me as well!’ and pulling her dress off completely, she peeled off tiny lacy panties and lay back next to me with her legs spread. We both had stockings and heels on and must’ve looked so horny displayed there like that, poor Brian could hardly contain himself.

So he went to work, licking his lush wife’s pussy whilst fingering my wetness at the same time. Helen and l turned to face each other and locked into a lingering kiss.

‘Give us your cock!’ Helen suddenly ordered. Brian stood up, his face glistening, whilst Helen freed his rigid cock, which sprang out as if outraged at being imprisoned so long.

He knelt closer to her face so she could take him in her mouth, which she did, gazing at him tenderly. I moved around to be able to join in, and together we took turns licking, sucking and stroking his cock whilst he watched us, closing his eyes every few minutes, as if he was dreaming.

I decided it was time to put his cock to full use and rummaged around for a condom. ‘Are you ready for this?’ l said, slipping one onto his perfectly shaped manhood. ‘Oh God yes!’ he muttered.

Giggling, Helen and I arranged ourselves kneeling side by side on the sofa with our backs to him, leaning forward so that our pert bottoms stuck out towards him. He grabbed my hips and sank deep into me first, thrusting vigorously with his wife’s encouragement.

Then he suddenly pulled out and yanked the condom off before pushing deep into Helen’s pussy, unsheathed. They both sighed aloud, and she turned to kiss the hand he gripped her shoulder with. I was inwardly moved by their intimacy.

To help Brian along l took off my bra and sat directly in front of him over the back of the sofa, where Helen’s face was, both feet either side of her knees. I locked eyes with him as l sat; thighs wide open, playing with my nipples and giving him a full view , and his wife’s curvy bum, whilst he took her hard from behind.

I stroked his back for a second, unsure about kissing him unless l knew Helen was ok with it.
We all struggled to our feet and Helen and I collected our clothes and headed upstairs to freshen up in their ensuite bathroom where she turned the power shower on for me and l stepped into it gratefully.

As l felt the hot water cascade over me, l was surprised to feel Helen’s big boobs squished up against my back, and realised she’d stepped into the shower behind me. Slowly l turned and we shared a lingering kiss whilst squeezing each others boobs and bum cheeks under the water. My fingers found their way to her slippery pussy where Brian’s cum was dripping out of her.

Her eyes were glazed with desire as l pushed 3 fingers deep inside her and started thrusting hard, lowering my head to suck her amazing pointy nipples. I continued licking and sucking them in turn until l felt her pussy walls tightening,  and she came hard all over my hand, as her knees buckled & her body went limp.

l grabbed a hanging loofah and squirting some sweet scented shower gel onto it, l washed her thoroughly, as well as myself. She just leant weakly against the tiled wall with her eyes closed as l tended to her. We turned off the shower eventually and collapsed onto her bed wrapped in towels, and dried off, to get dressed again.

I was just zipping her dress back up as Brian entered the bedroom looking fresh in crisp clean clothes after having clearly showered in another part of the house.

‘Emily’s just made me cum in the shower’ Helen told him proudly. ‘You’re the first woman I’ve ever been with’ she said to me. ‘I snogged a few girls at Uni, but that was over 20 years ago and nothing more. It’s always been a fantasy of mine…’

‘Mine too!’ Brian said grinning ‘I mean her fantasy coming true like this – it’s been fantastic for both of us!’ They both thanked me for coming over – their eyes and faces shining and Helen kissed my hand; looking quite emotional.

‘Awwww, the pleasure was all mine!’ l insisted, as they walked me to the front door, saying they’d be in touch again. ‘Oh wait, this is for you as well’ Brian said suddenly pressing a little gift bag into my hands, he passed it to me awkwardly as if pushing something in it at the last minute.

I thanked them and kissed them both goodbye and headed back to my car where l waved as l exited their driveway. Soon as l was out of sight l pulled over to inspect my gift. There was a boxed gardenia scented candle with a handbag sized bottle of my favourite perfume. But also stuffed down the side of the bag was 3 crumpled £20 notes Brian had clearly fished out his pocket at the last minute. A £60 tip! How fabulous! I was smiling from ear to ear all the way home. I hope l get more couples as lovely as them in future..!

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  1. Steve says:

    Incredible story that had me gripped from the start.

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