A Date With Desire

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June 4, 2020
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A Date With Desire

Find out Emily's Cole perfect escort date in London

People often ask me what my ideal date would be, so l want to share a couple of ideas with you, so that we can enjoy our special encounters all the more.

Firstly it depends on whether we’re meeting in the daytime or in the evening, but either way I’m a strong believer in food playing a vital role in smoothing the way to getting to know each other.

In the daytime, l really love to explore London town which is just my favourite place to be. Whether we take in the Sights by visiting the Black Tower, the London Eye, British History museum or Madam Tussauds doesn’t really matter; l love to have a giggle whilst exploring fascinating places and things, even if they seem a cliché to anyone else.

Such escapades appeal greatly to my childish sense of wonderment, my love of London history and British culture.

One way to combine both my love of great cuisine & London culture is to have Afternoon tea at The Langham or Harrods, or to lunch on a Thames river cruise, gazing out at the sights en route to our final stop.

For the evening time, flirting over drinks and dinner never fails to delight me; and if anything, l feel this part of dating is my favourite time to really engage and get to know clients, drawing them out, having a laugh and watching them lose any nerves to have genuine fun. I want you to lose any stiffness and save that for the real action later on!

People are always amazed that l am teetotal, but this doesn’t mean l don’t enjoy others having drinks in my company – l LOVE watching clients enjoy fine wines or whatever their favourite tipple may be! I used to drink and noticed l’m much more productive, stable and happier without alcohol, so l’ve abstained the past couple of years, and found it works well for me. Over meals it’s easy for me to drink sparkling water or mocktails, whilst l keep my wits about me and give all my focus and attention to YOU, my dear clients to learn what makes you tick and keeps you entertained.

Part of my job as your companion is to really listen, learn and engage, to help you to relax and unwind in a way you might not be able to in your normal working week.

As a qualified psychotherapist  I’m always ready, not just to listen, but to truly understand your needs, and hopefully make you laugh and truly enjoy yourself. As your lover for the evening, I am honed to hopefully help you make a few dreams come true before the night is through!
So here’s to your good health and a wonderful date. Once we’re alone, let me help you off with that shirt and tell me more about that dream date you’ve been fantasising about; – I’m all ears…..! 


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