Find out Emily's Cole perfect escort date in London
A Date With Desire
July 7, 2020
Trio of Temptation - escort for married couples
Trio of Temptation
October 18, 2020
Find out Emily's Cole perfect escort date in London
A Date With Desire
July 7, 2020
Trio of Temptation - escort for married couples
Trio of Temptation
October 18, 2020
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Dream London Duo Date

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I was really excited about tonight’s date. The gent’s name was Andy; he was 49 and sounded really charming over the phone. We were meeting at the Sketch with its hip contemporary look and cosy little cubbyholes; it’s one of my favourite places for London dates.

I walked in and could see him sitting at the last booth on the right, where he had indicated, wearing a pale blue shirt and jeans. His eyes lit up at the sight of me in a figure hugging cream dress with a low neckline.

He was dark, tall and really quite handsome. He stood up, displaying long legs to greet me, and we briefly embraced. His cologne smelt divine against my face and I felt actual  butterflies in my belly. This was going to be a great night, I could just feel it!

‘I’m really quite nervous about this’ he said smiling as he passed me a mocktail. ‘It’s my first ever duo, and I thought you and Harriet looked so sexy on your website….i’ve been imagining the three of us together ever since!’

‘Don’t worry’ I assured him, ‘it’s our job to help you relax and enjoy the date – Harriet is gorgeous and you’re going love it’.

As the words left my mouth I felt someone poke me and turned to see Harriet standing just behind me. She looked stunning in a clingy black short dress that displayed her long legs in killer heels. ‘Don’t go starting the party without me!’ she laughed cheekily.

We sat down and finished our drinks enjoying the general vibe in Sketch, and smirking over the envious stares Andy was getting, sandwiched between two very sexy women – one brunette, one blonde. When he stood up and took our arms to walk the short distance to his hotel nearby, Harriet and l fell behind, giggling and checking out his bum as he strode ahead of us, assuring us it was only 5 minutes away.

We finally arrived to the gorgeous Cafe Royal Hotel where he opened the door to his executive suite and showed us in. We were handed our fees in separate envelopes, as soon as the door closed.

Both of us gasped as we were led into the adjoining room where a magnificent king sized bed had two beautiful bouquets of exotic flowers with fancy wrapped presents on it. The whole room flickered with the warm glow of scented candles, and they filled the air with the sweet fragrance of jasmine and roses. It was magical! 

Like children at Christmas we pounced on the bed to seize and unwrap our gifts, which had our names on the tags. They contained our favourite perfumes…‘How did you KNOW to get this?’ l asked Andy with a wink. 

‘I read it on your websites’ he grinned. ‘I was so happy you both agreed to meet me, it was the least l could do really… Come on, let me show you the rest of this room; the bath is amazing!’ Taking our hands he led us through some double doors that opened to reveal a huge free standing bathtub with fancy claw feet and ornate taps. ‘Room for all three of us in there’ he joked.

I had heard enough and couldn’t WAIT to show this client our appreciation of him! Harriet and l looked at each other with our eyes shining in excitement. ‘Let’s go and get changed into something more appropriate’ I urged, taking her by the hand.

We grabbed our bags and rushed into the toilet where we helped each other into the fancy lingerie we’d brought along, fastening the fiddly suspender belts for each other and standing back to admire the view. I wore a see through crimson red and black lace affair from Honey Birdette that contrasted beautifully with my creamy olive skin and lush black hair, whilst Harriet wore a shimmery deep blue set from Agent Provocateur with slightly more coverage, but a Bondage feel to it. It set her golden tan, her russet cheeks and tawny blonde hair off to a tee! 

Slipping our stockinged feet back into our heels we opened the door and stepped out with a flourish; – ‘Ta-daaaah!’ 

Andy was sitting waiting patiently on the end of the bed. He was still fully dressed apart from his shoes which he’d removed. His jaw dropped at the sight of us in our sexy undies, slinking towards him in stockings and heels. He looked like all his Christmases had come at once. 

‘Let’s get you out of these clothes’ l suggested as l unbuttoned and removed his shirt gently, while Harriet worked off his belt and jeans. Together we laid him down on the bed as we started to kiss and caress him, teasing him as we playfully touched tongues right next to his face and tenderly kissed each other, fondling each others hair and boobs through the lingerie. 

‘We’ll give you a nice massage’ Harriet said pushing him over until he was lying face down in just his trunks and nothing else. ‘You’ve got a great bum, and nice legs’ l told him, smoothing on some lotion provided by the hotel, which smelled of Bergamot, all over his thighs and working down into his calves. Harriet had climbed to the head of the bed to work on his shoulders and was doing a great job. We locked eyes and smiled at each other. I knew she was thinking the same as me – how lucky we were to have such a kind and considerate gent booking us.

Having massaged the length of Andy’s torso I took off my bra and lay fully on top of his back so he could feel my boobs against his skin. After a few minutes of sensuous massage we turned him back facing upwards. His erection was straining against his trunks which l helped him out of. Together, me and Harriet started took turns licking and kissing his rock hard cock whilst caressing his balls. Holding his gaze, l bent over his cock, never losing eye contact as I began sucking his hard shaft and stroking it with my hand. Harriet was kneeling by his head and bent down to kiss him as she placed one of his hands onto her boobs. 

‘I’m gonna cum if you keep doing that’ Andy gasped ‘Can l get a condom on and fuck you yet;- who wants to go first?’

Harriet and l smiled at each other, and as if reading each other’s minds, we carefully got into position. She lay on her back with her legs hanging off the bed, whilst l stood and bent over her spread legs, pushing my perfect bum out whilst Andy slid a condom over his throbbing cock. I gasped as l felt his hardness slide into my waiting wet pussy, and stifling the urge to moan out loud, l bent my head to start licking and fondling Harriet’s perfect moist pussy. She started squirming about instantly – well l AM quite good at that! 

l had to steady myself by holding onto her as Andy gripped my hips and thrust his cock deep into me. The excitement of hearing his groans with Harriet’s gasps as l fingered and licked her wet pussy was starting to get to me and l felt myself cumming – this was NOT the norm! I sank my face into Harriet’s belly, feeling my legs starting to wobble. ‘OMG, I’m cumming’ l said to no one in particular, feeling myself stiffen and then finally slump in exhaustion.

I felt Andy’s cock withdraw behind me and l gratefully hauled myself over the bed to sprawl to the left of Harriet as l recovered slowly. I stroked her hair and closed my eyes, reliving the seconds before, and feeling jolts of arousal still surging through me. Andy remained rock hard, as he expertly pulled off his condom and replaced it with a new one whilst positioning himself before Harriet. I kissed her passionately as he began thrusting back and forth, gripping her hips to half lift her off the bed. She raised her long legs to drape them over his shoulders as he drove hard into her, squeezing one of her boobs as l fondled the other. 

To my amazement within minutes they both started cumming together! Afterwards Andy leant over Harriet for a lingering kiss and pulled my head down, so that we all indulged in a sexy three-way French kiss. Reluctantly we pulled apart and Andy went off to start running a lush bath. In just a few minutes it was half full, and peeling off what remained of our lingerie, Harriet and I got in and sat opposite each other, revelling in the warmth of the fragrant bubbles. 

‘Room for a little un?’ Andy said playfully as he carefully climbed in between us, handing us each a glass of bubbly. 

Leaning back against my shoulder he squeezed companionably in with us girls to chat and muse over the evening, telling us the date had exceeded expectation, and how much he’d enjoyed it. We all chatted about food, sports and our favourite London spots, before realising there was only 5 minutes left of our booking, so us ladies needed to get ready. Reluctantly, we stood up and got out of the gorgeous bath, drying off with the fluffy towelling robes Andy had placed nearby. 

We got dressed again and collected our gorgeous gifts before kissing Andy goodbye in turn and taking our leave. 

‘This really was a Dream Date!’ l told him before l went out the door. And l meant it!

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