Emily's Favourite Haunts in London
Emily’s Favourite Haunts in London
May 4, 2020
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A Date With Desire
July 7, 2020
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Kneeling and Admiring

Erotica by London Escort Emily Cole

l want to talk about that one act between men and women you hold so dear…The act of fellatio aka a Blowjob.

For any man of any age, what could be better than to watch and feel a beautiful woman take your manhood in her mouth? On our date, l can’t wait to sense your excitement and anticipation, as l slowly unbuckle your belt, unfasten and lower your underwear to release your turgid cock so it springs forth, bumping into my face and brushing against my waiting lips.

I will take my time and tease you, kneeling down to position myself before you, gazing up into your eyes as if in complete servitude. Stroking your shaft, I will smooth my fingers along its length, admiring it, caressing the tip and paying attention to that sensitive area beneath, where the shaft meets the glans.

Still holding your gaze l will slowly open my dress to reveal my lush cleavage in exquisite lingerie. With my creamy full breasts near completely exposed, l will rub the tip of your cock across my silky mounds and press it firmly between their softness before opening my lips, to take you deep into my warm wet mouth and start sucking you.

Gently at first, and then more intensely, cupping and caressing your balls the whole time. l love to hear you gasp and sigh in pleasure, as l work my tongue and fingers all over your rock hard member.

It gives me such a rush of power, watching you close your eyes and surrender yourself completely to me….

Then it’s a matter of choice where we go from there. Do you wish to finish off right there all over my breasts? Or will you pull me to my feet and throw me backwards onto the bed to claim my pussy and make love to me properly? On my back or on my front? l don’t care; – just make the date, and make it soon. Because l can’t wait to find out….


  1. Andrew says:

    The power and control you have at that very moment you have the gentleman’s manhood in your hands, and your mouth. Most men would happily give you control to enjoy that experience.

  2. Excited says:

    Wow, that was special. Look forward to recreating scenario with you sooN

  3. Michael says:

    Wonderful fantasy that I hope to make reality as soon as possible. So well told it’s almost like you read my thoughts.

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